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Check-in time: After 4pm Check-out time: Before 11 am

We will take a copy of your passport or ID card when you stay.

Enjoy the stay

When you stay in Unoan, you are the only guest. That means you can rent the whole house from you walk into the house until you leave. You can use a kitchen to cook for yourself.

Unoan is an old building with low beams and narrow staircases where both children and adults need to take caution. Please be aware of the nature of the building. We take no responsibility for any accident that might occur during your stay at Unoan.

Unoan is connected to the house next door, which means the sounds you make easily travel through the walls. Please try not to make too much loud noise while staying at Unoan as this might inconvenience the neighbors.


Q1.How much is per night?
The price defers depending on the time of the year. Please check the calendar on our reservation page.
Q2. How does the reservation work?
Please refer to the reservation page.
Q3.When does a cancellation fee occur?
We accept advanced payment by PayPal or bank transfer. When we confirm your payment, your reservation will be fixed.

After deducting the cancellation fee and transferring charges, we will refund your money to your account. Please understand the following cancellation rates after your booking is confirmed.
15 days or more before the booking 0 percent charge of the total payment.
14-2 days before he booking 50 percent charge of the total payment.
1 day before the booking 80 percent charge of the total payment.
Same day/No show 100 percent charge of the total payment.
Q4.How can we change the number of people staying at the house?
Please contact us at least 3 days before the reservation date. We need to change the booking fee depending on the number of guests.
Q5.I'm a minor, but I make a reservation?
You are more than welcome, but as a rule, you need more than one adult company.
Q6.Are there any bedding and equipment that are necessary for the stay? Are there ‘yukata’ or any amenity goods?
We are preparing basic bedding items, towels and hair dryer to make the stay most comfortable. There is also a kitchen available if you want to cook. However, we don't offer yukata or toothbrushes. There are no night gowns or pajamas that many Japanese hotels provide. Please bring your own ones.
Q7.Am I sleeping on a Japanese ‘futon’ or a bed?
You will be lying on a futon on Japanese ‘tatami’.
Q8.Can I stay with my pet?
For protection of the townhouse, pets are not allowed.
Q9.Can I smoke in Unoan?
We are afraid that smoking is completely for forbidden. Unoan is a more than 100 year old building, which is quite rare. The laws prohibit rebuilding of the house and require well-maintenance as treasures of the city of Kyoto. Therefore, smoking and any kind of fire is completely forbidden.
Q10.Can I have a party until late evening?
Like other townhouses in Kyoto, Unoan is connected to other houses. Sounds travel well through the walls. Please try not to make too much loud noise during your stay at Unoan as this might inconvenience the neighbors. If we receive several complaints from the neighbors, we may have to ask you to leave the premises. There will be no refund.